Linksys Extender RE6300 Setup
Linksys Extender RE6300 Setup
To launch Linksys extender setup for RE6300, Linksys has provided you with three options. You can choose among them to launch Linksys RE6300 setup, as per your convenience

Linksys Extender RE6300 Setup




What is Linksys range extender?

Linksys range extender is one point solution if you are facing network connectivity issue.

They are capable of resolving your internet connectivity with all range of networks. For this purpose there are vide range of extenders in the market.

You can choose among them as per your network requirements like if you have large home network then you can go for Linksys RE6500 range extender and if you have smaller network then you go with Linksys RE6300 setup.

Functioning of these Wi-Fi extenders are same as that of amplifiers. They amplify the weak signals of your network because of which they become able to reach at every corner of your network and gives you uninterrupted network connectivity.


How to launch Linksys RE6300 AC750 Wi-Fi range extender setup?

Linksys RE6300 AC750 Wi-Fi range extender can be set up by following any one method among

  1. Using installation CD
  2. Web-based utility or
  3. Through WPS button

All of these methods are too easy to be followed.

Before going into the nitty-gritty of the RE6300 setup, let’s have a look at the features which distinguish this AC750 extender from other Linksys WIFi range extender.

Features of Linksys RE6300 AC750 Wi-Fi range extender

All Linksys range extenders come along with their unique features, which makes them capable of delivering extraordinary performance in their domain. RE6300 Wi-Fi extender is not an exception to this.

This extender comes with its own unique and outstanding characteristics. Let’s have a look at some of them, one by one.

  1. They are capable of working in 2.4GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. It enhances the extender’s performance in a significant way.
  2. Capable of delivering a data transfer speed up to N300+AC433 Mbps
  3. It comes along with adjustable antennas. Through them, you can focus your Wi-Fi signal in any one direction.
  4. Crossband technology enhances the extender’s performance because these characteristics make Wi-Fi extender capable of using both frequency bands simultaneously.
  5. Linksys RE6300 range extender is capable of working with your existing home router.
  6. Spot finder technology helps in a great way to select the optimal place for placement of the range extender.
  7. It also has one Gigabit Ethernet port. Using this, you can also establish a wired connection with the extender.
  8. It can work as both the extender and the access point.
  9. Lastly, it’s setup process is too easy to be followed.

These features list out some significant features of the AC750 extender. Now after having a look at these characteristics, let’s move toward our prime topic of discussion that is Linksys extender RE6300 setup.

Steps involved in Linksys extender RE6300 setup

As stated above, there are three methods through which we can set up our Linksys RE6300 extender. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Using installation CD:-

You get a setup CD along with extender, which can be used to install a new Linksys extender in your existing network.

In this method, all you have to do is to put the CD into the CD drive of your computer. A message will pop up on your computer screen once the CD gets read.

Click on the run.

Then follow on-screen instructions, and your extender will be installed.

2. Web based utility:-

This method is a lifesaver if you had lost installation CD. This method can be used to set up your Linksys extender and that too, without the installation CD. This method mainly uses web-based utility i.e., webpage, to set up an extender.

This webpage is not a regular webpage that we search on the internet but is a local webpage of Linksys.

Linksys has provided it’s users a user-friendly interface, using which you can easily do required changes concerning your Linksys range extender and that user-friendly interface is

Now comes the question of how to use this web-based utility to install the RE6300 range extender. Answer to this lies in our article on How to connect Linksys RE6300 AC750 WiFi range extender

3. Through the WPS button:-

This method is also known by the name of the Push N Connect method. It is named so because of the reason that in this method, you are required to press the WPS button firstly on your extender and then within a fraction of second, on your home router.

By just this, your Linksys RE6300 range extender will get installed. This method is the easiest one to setup Linksys range extender.

It was all about setting up Linksys RE6300 WiFi range extender in extender mode. But if you want, you can also use this AC750 extender as an Access point. All steps that you need to follow for the same have been discussed in our article How to set up my Linksys RE6300 AC750 range extender in Access Point mode.

We hope all the information provided in this article will suffice to clarify your doubts related to Linksys RE6300 extender setup. But if any doubt persists, then you are requested to contact on Linksys’s official website to get technical support.



Easily increase wireless network coverage throughout your home and office. Know how to install Linksys extender Ea6300.The EA6300 Advanced Multimedia device employs wireless AC technology, which provides upto 1200Mbps speeds and enables the router to produce gigabit WiFi speeds that stream and video and music files faster. The router is comes with USB 3.0 port that enables you to share content across your network, and 4 gigabit ports that facilitate connection of game consoles, Internet ready TV, wireless printers, and more. It makes use of advanced technology that enhances the wireless signal, and thus strengthening communication between your devices and the router.


Frequently Asked Questions Of Linksys RE6300


How do I setup my Linksys re6300?

To setup Linksys RE6300 extender you are provided with three options:

  1. Using installation CD
  2. Using Manual method
  3. WPS method

Steps involved in all of these methods are already being discussed in the article

How do I reset my Linksys re6300 WiFi range extender?

There can be multiple scenarios where you will be required to reset your Linksys RE6300 WiFi extender. In such situation all you are required to do is to follow following given steps:

  1. Locate the reset button on the extender
  2. Press and hold the reset button for some time, approximately 10 seconds.

That’s it. Your extender has been reset to factory default settings.

How does a Linksys WiFi extender work?

Linksys WiFi extender works in the same way as amplifier. What it does is, amplify the incoming signal from router. By this strength of WIFI signal increases, due to which it becomes approachable to each far end of your vicinity.

What is the best WiFi extender?

There are multiple brands available in market among which you can choose as per your network requirement. Some of the best WiFi extender producers includes Linksys, NETGEAR, D-Link, Belkin

What is the difference between WiFi booster and WiFi extender?

WiFi booster includes all the devices which are tasked to extend the existing network range i.e. WiFi repeaters and WiFi extender.

WiFi range extender are tasked to rebroadcast the incoming signal from network router on different wireless channels.


Know how to install your Linksys Extender Ea6300 and increases the effective range of your wireless router.


Before accessing the web-based setup page of the range extender, make sure that the computer is connected to the range extender with an Ethernet cable.


Open your web browser then enter “” in the Address bar.


Enter User name and password


For setting up wireless security on the range extender, Click Wireless to Basic Wireless Settings on the web-based setup page and choose WPA Personal under the Security Mode drop-down menu and Enter the wireless network password of your route. Click and save the settings. Now you are successfully connected to your device.

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