Linksys Smart Wifi Setup Not Working
Linksys Smart Wifi Setup Not Working
Facing problem with your Linksys setup. Linksys Smart wifi setup not working and looking for complete guide to configure your Linksys Smart Wifi Setup.

Linksys Smart Wifi Setup Not Working


Linksys smart wi-fi setup is not working properly then follow the step mentioned below:

  • Configured your Linksys smart wi-fi router with a local address that’s accessible to your web address
  • Allowing the router’s setting.
  • Open the setup page.
  • Type the router’s IP address into web browser.
  • It is the default web based control panel enabled.
  • Linksys routers use the same default IP address, if you have changed the IP address manually then need to identify the router’s current IP address using the command prompt in windows.

    Setting your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi setup. Enter to in a web browser and follow the onscreen prompts. The default password you’ll need is “admin” and enable WPA2 Personal. Then change the wireless password back to what you originally had it set to. If you select a different password then all of your devices that connect via wifi will need to be changed with your new password.


    Once the wifi setup is complete then unplugs the power from the router and from the cable or DSL modem. With both powered off plug the modem power back in and let it fully boot and connect to its network. Then plug the Ethernet cable back into the router’s yellow port and plug power back in and let it finish booting. It should now obtain an IP address from your internet service provider.


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