how to setup linksys WAP300N N300 dual-band wireless access point
how to setup linksys WAP300N N300 dual-band wireless access point
Linksys WAP300 N300 range extender is capable to work in four modes, that are access point mode, range extender mode, bridge mode and media connector. It is capable to work in dual band.

How to setup linksys WAP300N N300 dual-band wireless access point


Linksys is well known for quality products it provides in networking field. WAP300N is one gem among many others, in the basket of Linksys’s networking devices.

WAP300N is 4 in 1 networking device, which is capable to work as both access point, media connector, range extender and bridge.

If you are new to networking field even then you may also recognise that both of these terminology differs from each other, in the same way as their function does.

This capability to work in all these four modes makes WAP300N a desirable choice among users.

In this article we had tried to explain basics about all four modes. But our prime focus will be on access point mode. We will explain in most elaborative way about Access point mode of WAP300N 4 in 1 device.

Before moving further in this article, lets first discuss about all operating modes of Linksys WAP300N briefly.

Operating Modes


  1. Access Point mode:- In access point mode your WAP300N device works as an access point. Access point is a device which works as interconnection between your wired network and wireless devices.
    Access point receive signal from your wired network(such as router or switch)and transmit it to different wireless devices available. This is the reason why access point is sometimes called as transceiver. You can also use this mode to add wireless-N networking support to your older network.
  2. Wireless Media Connector Mode:- This mode is used whenever you want to add wireless networking capability to a wired device.
  3. Wireless Range extender mode:- Extenders are normally used to increase the wireless range of your home network. So does this mode. That means in this mode your WAP300N device start functioning as wireless range extender.
  4. Wireless Bridge Mode:- Bridge is a networking device which is used to connect two different networks. In the same way in Wireless bridge mode enables user to use WAP300N device as a bridge.

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