linksys velop setup
linksys velop setup
Know how to setup Linksys velop system with both wireless connection as well as with wired connection, with the help of Linksys app.

How can I set up my wired Linksys Velop system

Linksys Velop system may contain one or multiple additional nodes. These velop nodes helps to enhance range as well as speed of your system. These nodes can be connected by either using wired connection or by Ethernet cables.

For setting up wired Linksys velop setup, all you have to do is to firstly install the nodes with the help of wireless connection. Once the nodes get installed, connect them through Ethernet cable. By just doing this, your nodes will automatically switch from wireless connection to wired connection.

Let’s discuss in detail about various steps involved in setting up Linksys velop system.

Steps involved in setting up a Linksys Velop system

  • Firstly, you will be required to set up the primary node. For this, you will require Linksys app.
  • Then add secondary node using Linksys app.
  • Once secondary node got installed, you can place it wherever you want, and then put it on the power socket.
  • Now establish Ethernet cable connection between secondary and primary node. But you are hereby required to use CAT5e or higher rated cable for the same.
  • If in case, you want to add another node to your Linksys Velop system then all you have to do is to repeat the second and third point. That means, add a node using Linksys app and then move it to a place where you want to place it and power on the device.
  • Once all nodes which you want to install, got installed, then connect these nodes with Ethernet cable.

That’s it, your Linksys Velop system has been set up. Now you can enjoy enhanced internet connectivity throughout your vicinity without any hassle.

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